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Solutions - Software Solutions

RES 3700

RES 3700

The ruggedized and powerful MICROS 3700 Point-of-Sale system is designed for optimized speed of service and enhanced guest experiences. Beyond all standard POS functions, MICROS 3700 POS offers a vast range of functionality for process optimisation and increased level of service and guest satisfaction.

Its intuitive user interface leads even untrained staff through the selling process – driving up revenue by increasing the average guest ticket through suggestive up-selling prompts.

The standard configuration includes the following functions:

  • Cash management
  • Table management
  • Scheduled price management
  • Scheduled (de-)activation of articles
  • Freely configurable automatic discounts on e.g. quantity, price, a combination of quantity and price or articles and article groups; semi- or fully automatic
  • Connection to liquid drink dispensers
  • Free definition of article groups / report groups
  • Simple configuration of articles (SLU groups)
  • Freely configurable tracking down to article level for highly detailed controlling
  • Create menus including automatic information display of ingredients
  • Waste module
  • Conversational Ordering Module (COM): an innovative module that has been developed with the aid of psychological research. The ordering process at the POS is completely aligned to the ordering process of the customer. COM allows your staff to easily change menu items without the need of time-consuming cancellations. COM displays alternatives or menu items that have not been ordered yet.
  • Smart keys for clearly laid out displays
  • Integrated system control for cancellations
  • Comprehensive reporting (more than 150 default reports)
  • Hand-held support with full POS functionality
  • Control of digital menu boards

Optional functionalities:

  • Control of kitchen display systems (KDS) to optimise order and food preparation processes
  • Time and attendance
  • Alert Manager to alert employees to events in the restaurant
  • And more…

The MICROS 3700 POS system complies with fiscal and legal regulations, such as the PCI-DSS standards for secure credit card payments. Open architecture that grows with your needs:

  • Designed to run on Microsoft® Windows® 2003 or XP Professional
  • Provides high performance and flexibility, easily integrating with OPOS-compliant peripheral hardware including printers, cash drawers and pole displays
  • System grows as your operation grows, allowing you to add workstations, new stores and applications easily
  • Maintenance-free, relational database for Sybase®, a leading provider of
  • embedded database solutions for high-volume, transaction-oriented environments

MICROS is a your single-source provider of perfectly aligned hardware and software ensuring quick implementation and smooth running of your IT systems.

micros e7

Micros e7 system is our entry level into the micros world of POS technology. Cutting-edge software running on the innovative micros WS5a hardware platform make this the idea system for small to mid- size restaurants who need to get serious about the POS technology. e7 runs on the same hardware as the more robust RES 3700 system making the e7 a smart buy if you see yourself out in a fast growing concept. The e7 is full-featured and can grow with you as your restaurant grows making it the smartest buy on the market.

MICROS e7 Series Point of Sale (POS) system combines the reputation and reliability of MICROS hospitality technology with a price suitable for table service and quick service restaurants, delis, sandwich shops, nightclub/bar establishments, and more. MICROS e7 combines an all-in-one MICROS Workstation 4 (WS4 LX), WS5, or WS5a with a powerful embedded software application based on the Microsoft Windows® CE .NET operating system.

The MICROS e7 functionality which, manages guest checks, staff productivity, menu offerings, and restaurant operations easily and economically.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Prevents Loss
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Improves reporting
  • Enables Flexibility
  • Optimized Hardware
  • Provides Return on Investment
micros e7

MICROS Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of MICROS e7 Version 3.1. MICROS e7 version 3.1 offers many new features and continues to enhance the value proposition for a fully robust point-of-service solution for the hospitality marketplace, including advanced security, slip printer support, and transaction services support.

With this generation of the tech savvy consumer, web ordering has become the ‘must have’ in order placement. Not only is online ordering convenient to the consumer, it has increased the average ticket price by cyber-selling, as well as increase order accuracy has merchants roaring towards the future of carry out and delivery. MICROS e7 Transaction Services is a framework that permits 3rd party companies to interface to the MICROS e7 Point of Service (POS), allowing guest checks to be created outside the POS system and imported into the MICROS e7.

To protect customer information, MICROS e7 Version 3.1 has introduced the support of complex security. Merchants that are accepting credit cards or stored payment card information must adhere to the new stricter user name and password feature to gain access to Configurator. Merchants can feel secure knowing that they are PCI

(Payment Card Industry) compliant by keeping their customers data secure.

To expand customer cliental, MICROS e7 has accommodated printing requirements globally; the support for slip printers has been added to version 3.1. The Epson TM-290 and the TM-295 (TM-290 emulation is required) are now supported.

micros e7

KDS Kitchen Display System

The MICROS Kitchen Display System is like having a second expeditor in your kitchen. It provides highly visible, real-time information to manage and control kitchen efficiency, which drives customer satisfaction. Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food prep area, this seamlessly integrated, intuitive, graphical software application displays food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders for your “Speed of Service.” MICROS KDS also provides feedback about the status of each table and captures service times for management reporting.

Fully integrated with the MICROS 3700 POS System, KDS runs on standard PC hardware using color touchscreen monitors or color monitors and bump bar. By managing food preparation, KDS provides a higher level of management control and customer service.

Key Features:

Order Preparation

  • Highlights alert orders in yellow or red to indicate an order has exceeded expected prep time
  • Displays each order in either List Mode or Chit Mode and monitors time to prepare
  • Allows user to define preparation times for both appetizers and entrees
  • Intuitive icons display Rush Order, VIP and Void status
  • Display features such as All Day, Order Done, and Order Recall make information readily available
  • Speed of Service Displays

    • View the status of each table in the restaurant at a glance
    • Table buttons change color to indicate
    • Table Vacant
    • Guest Seated
    • Kitchen Working on Order
    • Entree Served
    • Order Late

    Reporting and Statistics

    • Captures service times for different courses at the various prep stations
    • Generates real-time reports on kitchen performance
    KDS Screen KDS Screen Kitchen Display System Kitchen Display System

    Improve the efficiency of your kitchen management processes with our award winning Kitchen Display System (KDS). If you’ve been considering an update to your kitchen management, you’ll discover that our restaurant management software provides the functionality and ease of use you’ve been looking for at a price you can afford.

    The MICROS Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a graphically oriented restaurant management software application that displays, monitors and reports on food orders in the kitchen.

    A KDS configuration may consist of a single Speed of Service station or several Prep and Expo stations taking the place of all remote printers.

    Traditional POS systems record orders and print them to various kitchen prep stations. The MICROS KDS restaurant management software elevates food service operations to the next level by providing an intuitive order display for food preparation, monitoring the guest experience in terms of service, and providing objective, measurable feedback to management. And when tied to our Alert Manager application the floor managers attention will be drawn to languishing customer orders before an unhappy dining experience occurs.

    KDS restaurant management software:

    • Intuitively displays food orders
    • Monitors the timing of the orders
    • Provides order and table status feedback
    • Captures service times for reporting and analysis

    Combine With:
    Restaurant Enterprise Solution (MICROS RES)
    MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management System (HMS)

    Labor Management

    Labor Management is an integrated human resources application designed to support the recurrent, high-maintenance requirements of employee data management. Its comprehensive modules help control your restaurant’s labor resources to minimize labor cost and maximize productivity.

    Maximize the time spent with customers and minimize labor costs

    • Get a real picture of payroll expenses
    • Gain fast access to all critical labor cost factors
    • Schedule staff to minimize costs and service customers to your business standards
    • Address overtime costs before they occur with an ‘approaching overtime’ report

    Intelligent Scheduling

    • Calculates schedule costs for regular and overtime hours
    • Calculates labor cost percentages by location, job or job category
    • Helps you place the employee with the right skills at the correct station
    • Easy to use graphical schedule allows you to cut, copy and paste for quick adjustments

    Complete Payroll Pre-Processing

    • Supports payment of holiday pay, sick pay and other earnings
    • Enforces minimum wage rates, tip credits and overtime regulations
    • Maintains child labor laws including school day calendar
    • Provides review of hours worked, sales and tips for each employee
    • Allows adjustments of information by a manager with reason codes

    Integrated Human Resources Management

    • Manages employee information including personal data, 1-9 documentation, and tax filing data for federal, state, and local agencies
    • Facilitates employee reviews, evaluations and certifications
    • Maintains schedule availability and requests


    • Uses historical POS information to project future budgets
    • Tags and stores special event history to forecast future events like holidays, community events or weather
    • Saves labor costs by reviewing sales history in 15 minute intervals
    • Uses key volume indicators like customer counts, transactions, sales, etc. to project labor needs

    MICROS inMotion

    MICROS inMotion is a native mobile app companion to, which provides real-time, actionable information allowing restaurant operators to evaluate performance, measure success against forecast, and make better, faster decisions!

    MICROS inMotion is initially available for free from iTunes. MICROS inMotion allows real-time access to performance statistics, critical labor details to help control costs, and customer service tools, all supported by an intuitive user design and alerting mechanism on critical metrics. Designed specifically for restaurant operations and management, with MICROS inMotion restaurant operators can understand both high-level trends and front-line operations using their smartphone and easily and intuitively explore and act on key restaurant and hospitality KPIs wherever they may be.

    Benefit From:

    • Visually appealing, easy to use, and intuitive native mobile app
    • Access to real-time business data from anywhere on your smartphone
    • A comprehensive view of sales, labor, discounts, tenders, check details, etc. in real-time and compare those values to last week, last year, and trends
    • Awareness of each location’s performance ranking based upon key metrics when compared to one another across the organization
    • Managerial notes allow simplified and instant communication internally between managers using the app
    • Alerts and notifications allow faster response time to potential problems such as high labor, discount, and return percentages
    • Reward top employee and/or location performance
    • Drill-down capability into check details with ability to instantaneously send a copy of a check to customers or managers
    • And much more!