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Solutions - Hardware Solutions

Looking for energy-efficient, superior point-of-sale hardware solutions? MICROS is committed to providing a variety of quality touch screen POS terminal solutions for every environment. The equipment is designed and developed with sustainability in mind; all hardware that MICROS ships is RoHS compliant. Furthermore, several MICROS hardware options are disk-less and operate without a fan, requiring less than half of the energy of typical PC based devices, cutting your power costs by 50%! Regardless of the type of business you operate, MICROS has a point-of-sale hardware solution that will work for you.


MICROS Workstation 5A (WS5A) continues MICROS’s commitment to providing customers with the latest technology, while ensuring lower total cost of ownership, simpler support model, and improved reliability. While outwardly identical to the WS5, the MICROS WS5A is a complete technology refresh, offering dramatic enhancements to the processing capability, and expansion and peripheral connectivity, while continuing to provide customers with dependable, easy-to-use hardware specially designed for the hospitality and retail industries.

The all new WS5A features a powerful processor running the latest Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems and a large, bright 15" touch screen display. Other impressive characteristics include standard stereo speakers, 1G networking, MICROS CAL, and an advanced operating system recovery utility. The use of flash memory and passive cooling reduces the risk of costly mechanical failures, and improves system reliability and uptime. Improved I/O connectivity, a new, easy-to-use adjustable stand, and many modular options make the WS5A highly configurable and ready for use in a wide range of applications.

mTablet and mStation

The stylish and durable mTablet mobile device and mStation stand provides first of their kind capabilities with full mobility and peripheral connectivity.

Unlike consumer devices, the mTablet screen is easily viewed in direct sunlight. In addition, although the tablet is light and sleek, it has been designed to better withstand damage from common falls. The mTablet provides secure, fully integrated payment processing, without fragile adapters or plug-ins, and uses the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards.

The mStation, as the companion to the mTablet, provides the versatility and flexibility of a fully connected workstation, protecting investments in new or existing peripherals and network infrastructure. Different from other mobile stands, the MICROS integrated array of available customer facing displays provide promotional marketing and order accuracy solutions. When equipped with a high capacity battery, an unplugged mStation allows additional deployment options.

"These latest devices take MICROS to a new level of innovation in mobility, with solutions for restaurants, hotels and retailers operating in any mobile environment and any kind of light—whether indoor or outdoor. By being designed from the ground up as more impervious to damage from falls, the mTablet will also reduce the cost of ownership for businesses, which can experience significant replacement costs with standard mobile devices. By functioning both as a mobile device, and when appropriate, as a fully functional stationary device, these new products, working in tandem with MICROS’ industry leading software applications, redefine our solutions," stated Peter Altabef, President and CEO for MICROS Systems, Inc.

"The mTablet and mStation are compatible with many existing MICROS software platforms, and are based on open platforms which allow application developers to utilize this versatile solution with a published Application Programing Interface (API) and development tools," states Paul Schleicher, Director, Hardware Solutions for MICROS Systems Inc. "MICROS mTablet's unique full color adaptive LCD provides a traditional display experience along with outstanding daylight viewable capability and enhanced battery life. With an expanded operating temperature range of 14°F to 140°F, this is a perfect device for both indoor and outdoor use."

The mStation and mTablet are supported by MICROS' industry leading global service network.

To find out more information on the mTablet and mStation, please visit A related video can be found at


The MICROS PCWS 2015 sets a new standard for performance and configurability for Point of Sale terminals. Based on the latest Intel processor platform, the MICROS PCWS 2015 is unmatched in today’s marketplace, providing unsurpassed processing power for the most demanding applications, and delivering that power efficiently, with low thermal output and electrical consumption. The MICROS PCWS 2015 is designed to operate side by side with the MICROS Workstation 5A, retaining similar styling and compatibility with existing stands, customer displays, magnetic card readers, biometric devices and other peripherals. Like the all MICROS hardware devices, the new MICROS PCWS 2015 was designed to meet all requirements for hospitality and retail point of sale. To meet these requirements, the MICROS PCWS 2015 is easy to install, reliable, unobtrusive, and adaptable.

MICROS Protégé

The MICROS Protégé Customer Display System provides MICROS customers with a graphically rich environment that ensures order accuracy and enhanced opportunities for marketing and upselling. The Protégé allows for the display of full transaction detail, including menu item, condiments and special prep instructions, allowing customers to confirm order accuracy and improving the speed of service in quick service, fast casual and other fast transaction environments. The Protégé can be configured as an advertising and marketing tool as well. The screens displayed while the system is idle or in use can be customized to provide visual content including slideshows for specials, new items, upcoming events, catering information, and more.

Paging Solutions

JTECH Solutions Paging Systems and Hospitality Software

JTECH is the leading supplier of wireless communication systems for a variety of industries, including restaurants, with hospitality software solutions that include silent server, guest, and manager/staff paging systems. Providing the kind of fast-paced, intuitive technology that your restaurant or hotel needs to stay ahead, JTECH’s hospitality software solutions ensure guests receive rapid, top-notch service every time they visit.

JTECH’s hospitality software also increases the level of customer service each person receives, improving both response times and profit generation. JTECH paging systems enhance profitability and create efficiencies by streamlining business communications within the restaurant, club, hotel or other hospitality environment and improving guest satisfaction.

Learn more about JTECH’s effective, efficient hospitality paging systems, which offer fast, wireless, and silent communication strategies for industries such as retail, entertainment, hotels, and resorts. JTECH’s paging systems include:

  • ServAlert® – Optimizes efficiency by allowing chefs to page servers when orders are ready; featuring the new rechargeable ServerPass™ pager.
  • GuestAlert® – Manages customer flow in full-service and fast casual dining environments; featuring the popular "Glowster®" and new GuestPass™ pagers.
  • ValetAlert™ – Allows guests to page the valet and have the car delivered while paying the restaurant bill, or exiting/checking out of the hotel, elevating guest service levels; featuring StaffComm™ hand-held push button transmitters.